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Why didn’t Megan visit the Queen’s bed?

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Meghan Markle wouldn’t have made an appearance at Balmoral Castle for fear of an ice-cold reception from the royal family, an expert on the monarchy believes.

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Earlier reports indicated that the Duchess of Sussex was due to be with her husband Harry in Scotland, but several media outlets later confirmed that she would not be traveling.

“It may not have been given a warm welcome, quite frankly,” BBC Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said on Thursday.

Meghan and Harry were due to attend an awards show in London at the WellChild Awards Thursday night, but naturally they canceled their appearances.

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Although the exact reason for Meghan’s absence has not been determined, her reunion with the royal family would have been difficult under the difficult circumstances.

Meghan and Harry are both so close to the Queen that the couple named their daughter Lillipet after her.

Harry also said in an interview with The Today Show in April that he found “they had a really special relationship. We talk about things that you can’t talk about with anyone else.”

In an interview published on August 29, Meghan confirmed that she was working to forgive the royal family for everything that happened while working in the royal establishment with Harry.

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“I think forgiveness is really important. Not being forgiven takes a lot of energy. But it takes a lot of effort to forgive. I really put in an active effort,” she said.

The royal family was shocked by this interview, which damaged its reputation.

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The future queen and wife of William, Kate Middleton, did not go to Balmoral Castle either. She stayed in Windsor to look after her three children, who were on their first day of school on Thursday.

Harry and Meghan praised Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

The couple changed the home page of their website, the Archewell Foundation, to display a black screen with a simple message written in white lettering: “In Memory of Her Loving Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1926-2022.”

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