Why do boiled eggs have a strange green ring around the yolk?

In a sandwich, as an appetizer or in a salad, boiled eggs adapt to many everyday dishes. If you are a fan of this cooking method, you may have already noticed that there is a green ring surrounding the yolk. Do you know what that means? Are there any risks in eating boiled eggs with this green membrane? We tell you everything.

To fill a gap or eat on the go, poached eggs are the perfect alternative to frozen meals or ultra-processed foods that we sometimes like to save time in the kitchen. nutrition and taste, Eggs actually have many benefits For our health and can be eaten in many forms. Before we explain to you what the green ring that sometimes appears on the yolk of a boiled egg means, let’s review its benefits for the body.

What are the benefits of the egg?

Eaten for breakfast or for other meals of the day, eggs are full of nutrients that are good for our health. Rich in vitamins of group B, it stimulates the work of the brain and Improves focus and memory. Plus, it contains zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and essential minerals for maintaining bone health.

It’s this slimming ally too A very good source of protein. Low in calories, and therefore can be combined into many Diets for healthy weight lossIn addition to enhancing the feeling of fullness at meal times. That is, he also has High in lutein, an essential antioxidant For eye health.

Boiled eggs – Source: Pixabay

What does the green ring around the yolk of a boiled egg mean?

Contrary to popular belief, the green ring that surrounds the yolk of a boiled egg does not pose any health risks. In fact, It just means the eggs have been cooked for a long time! This green layer, sometimes black, results from the oxidation of the iron in the yolk when it comes in contact with hydrogen sulfide, due to the cooking of the white. Thus, the egg is completely edible, despite this unappetizing episode.

You can also notice a change in color if the egg has been chopped or peeled for a long time before consumption, which will darken the yolk slightly. To avoid this result, be sure to cool the eggs with cold water and peel them right before eating them.

To prepare hard-boiled eggs without seeing them fall apart or stick to the shell, there are a few tips you can apply. Thermal shock that occurs when immersed in hot water can cause the eggs to crack during cooking. So it’s best to take it out of the fridge about an hour before you put it in the water. Grandma’s trick is too Add a few drops of white vinegar to the water To prevent the shells from breaking.

Once this is done, boil the water. Then gently immerse the eggs in the bowl and let it cook 9 to 10 minutes if you want to cook it well. Those who prefer to cook it a little less can choose to cook for 8 minutes. Namely, do not exceed 11 minutes at the risk of seeing the yolk crumble and leave the white an unpleasant texture.

When this time comes, take your eggs out of the bowl and Immediately immerse them in cold water. All you have to do is peel them off Prepare a healthy breakfast Or delicious mimosa eggs.

To avoid making mistakes in cooking times, remember the 3-6-9 rule, which is 3 minutes for hard-boiled eggs, 6 minutes for hard-boiled eggs and 9 minutes for hard-boiled eggs!

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