New mobilization in Shawinigan against consolidated tax return | Canada elections 2021

Shawinigan Mayor called on citizens and fellow townspeople to mobilize to show their support. We don’t have the means in Maurice, in Shawinigan, to lose 2,000 jobs. It’s about an entire communityAs Michel Angers says in an interview with the program employment directly.

Such a blow would be very difficult to bear.

Quote from:Michel Angers, Mayor of Shawinigan

Gathering center, is essential in the future of Shawinigan, says Mayor Shawinigan. Even if the issue appears regularly during federal election campaigns, Michel Angers does not want it Take a chance, no matter how small it is.

He doesn’t want to see a scenario like what happened with Nemaska ​​Lithium repeat itself, because he thinks other provinces would like to have the center on their territory.

scarecrowsAccording to the leader of the block

The leader of the Quebec bloc wants to reassure and reiterate that there will be no job losses if a single tax return is created in Quebec. Jobs in Shawinigan are not related to filing taxes, confirms Yves-François Blanchett, stressing that their work is rather related to recovery.

The bloc leader believes that if jobs are lost, the county government can hire these workers. Waving these scarecrows to alarm the guilds is a highly predictable strategy, says Mr. Blanchett.

The Tax Officers Union believes that over the course of election promises, no party has proven that jobs can be preserved. Elsewhere in Canada, federal employees handle tax returns for both levels of government.

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[Dans les autres provinces]We don’t hire twice as many people, confirms the president of the union. interview in show employment directly, Marc Brier believes that the amounts at stake in the potential coordination of tax laws will make negotiations difficult between Quebec and Ottawa.

What we want is the sustainability of our jobsAdds Shawinigan local president Patrick Bertrand. He says jobs across the province could be at risk if the entire tax return is managed by Quebec.

With information from Marc Antoine Belanger

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