Windows 11, Microsoft releases new ISO images

Microsoft has released new Windows 11 ISO images, please note that they are aimed at users who are registered with the Windows Insider Program.

Obviously, if you download these ISO images for Windows 11, they provide a preview installation. This is version 25140 which was recently published in the DEV channel.

These ISO files are useful because it becomes possible to install the operating system from scratch and not by updating the current system. It also allows you to discover the latest innovations Microsoft has to offer through a virtual machine.

Windows 11 build 25140, focus is bug fixing

An update to the glyphs available in the Eupemia font. Company details

The Euphemia font covers most languages ​​that use Canadian syllables […] In the latest Insider builds, we’ve updated this font to improve its onscreen readability for over 200 characters of different sizes. We’ve also added new glyphs to support the 14-character Unicode for the Arctic Canadian Nattilik language.

For the rest, we have fixes for File Explorer, Settings, Inputs, and Task Manager. For example, Giant fixes an issue affecting English (New Zealand) selection in OOBE. It leads to the selection of the Arabic keyboard (101). The issue with the Task Manager crashing as well as the issue causing audio to stop playing in certain apps after one minute is usually fixed.

All of these improvements are exclusively for the Dev Channel. At the moment we don’t have a specific timeline for the “general public” publication. It should be noted that the Dev Channel is a test ground. Microsoft can test new features, improvements, and other things without necessarily having a specific plan for “mainstream” deployment. Some suggested features may be disabled.

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