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Apple will host several events in September

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Apple may host several events in September. A rather strange way to proceed with the Apple brand, if the information is correct.

An apple She has little habits when it comes to launching her products. If there is one product we can be sure, or almost certain, that the Cupertino company will launch by the end of this year 2021, it is the iPhone 13. According to another Rumors So far, the Apple brand will organize a dedicated event in September to formalize this new generation of iPhone. We should also expect other devices to be discovered, such asApple Watch. Events can Continue in September.

Apple may host several events in September

However, Cupertino could be preparing a fairly complete schedule for September. In fact, according to a recent DigiTimes article, Apple plans to hold several special events in September. Odd information to say the least insofar as the Apple brand usually prefers to space out its events rather than group them together over a short period, in this case, a month.

A rather strange way to get ahead of the apple brand

For example, last year we had an event in September for the Apple Watch and iPad, and then another in October for the iPhone. Then there was another launch of the Mac M1.

It seems more reasonable that the same pattern will happen again this year. The iPhone 13 and Apple Watch are likely to be launched in September. Apple could then host an event in October or November about the highly anticipated new Mac mini and MacBook Pro – with its new designs -. In any case, if Apple continues to offer pre-recorded virtual events, the choice of dates does not matter much. The future will tell us exactly what it is. And we’ll be in September in a few days, just a little patience.

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