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With the help of Trevor Zegras, Sony Milano scored the National Hockey League’s Goal of the Year

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what or what evening. unbelievable.

About a dozen games were presented to the public on a night that turned out to be quite, but absolutely insane in the NHL. Basically, that’s what caught the eye.

1: Is there an alley in hockey?

I’ve never seen anything so incredible on a hockey rink that led to a goal in my 24 years of existence. Honestly, when my colleague Maxim Truman sent me the link that allowed me to watch the sequence, I was dumbfounded. literally.

There has been a lot of talk about baby ducks since the start of the season, and for good reason. They never stop liking (I’m thinking especially of Trevor Zegras, Jimmy Drysdale, Sonny Milano and Troy Terry) and that was the case again last night against the Sabers.

I’ll let you watch the match before continuing:

Yes, you saw it right!

No, but what is this magic?

After seeing his friend send him a pass over the net, Sonny Milano redirected the disc to the net to score the NHL’s Goal of the Year. Nothing less!

And based on the reaction of the two children, they know it well:

2: After Goal of the Year Stopping the Year in the NHL?

The Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Columbus Blue Jackets last night as they tried to build on their stellar streak.

Indeed, having experienced a smooth start of the season, the foliage replaced itself. The big guns woke up, it shows.

After seeing the goal scored by Milan with the help of Zegras, I was very upset. And let’s just say Jack Campbell’s pause didn’t really help me find it, my breath:

It was not only this station that drew attention at the meeting. Enjoy this game piece organized by Michael Banting that allows Austin Matthews to complete it in a completely abandoned cage:

3: A hat-trick by Thomas Hertl

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Thomas Hertel’s contract expires at the end of the current season. The 28-year-old will drop as a free agent without compensation and be available to all other NHL teams.

A versatile midfielder both offensively and defensively, one can expect a large number of teams to be interested in his services when the time comes. But right now, the main player has played a season, and if he wants to touch a big deal, he obviously has to produce.

Yesterday, Hertl made a big splash by scoring three goals against the great Flames team.

His first picture was especially beautiful:

4: A questionable scene in Winnipeg

Mark Chevelle is a player all Montreal Canadiens fans have learned to hate. I don’t even have to tell you why, anyway!

As much as we don’t love it, when we see shots like this, we can’t help but feel bad for the guy.

Shefley suffered a somewhat limit blow from Ian Cole, who decided to flex his knee to hit Jets No. 55. Cole was eventually kicked out of the game, and Sheffley was able to finish it.

at least!

Winnipeg could not retaliate and ended up losing 4-2 to the Hurricanes.

Here is the game in question:

5: Another disturbing scene, this time in Chicago

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When I told you last night was crazy and there was no shortage of movement in the NHL, that’s exactly what I meant.

With his head practically between his legs, Jujar Khaira was completely knocked out by New York Rangers defender Jacob Trouba.

Sensitive souls, you can hold back.

What’s worrying is that this isn’t the first time Khira has been injured like this, and it looks like he’s no longer on the ice.

This is his third “severe” concussion, After colliding with Alexander Romanov last year And after I did Kicked out by Brett Ritchie the last.

a lot of

– Captain Preds put his hands up.

Freddy Andersen’s theft!

– Even Michael B. Jordan was affected by the duck goal. He doesn’t even watch hockey!

– This kid will become a prolific NHL scorer in a few years. Mark my words.

Foliage hasn’t launched any time against the jackets!

Moments that will remain engraved in his memory until the end of his life.

– What a beautiful piece of play.

– Kirill Kaprizov is one of my favorite players. this is the reason:

Bukhnevich gave his team the win in overtime.

Nick Suzuki is among the greats (and Alex Galchenyuk) in custody.

An important field for Artemi Panarin, who joins the NHL elite.

– that’s sweet.

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– Today’s (quieter) schedule in the NHL:

(credit: YahooSports)

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