World Championships: Canadian women wear gold

Mary Philip Boleyn counted into overtime to crown Canada’s return to claim the gold medal 3-2 against the United States at the Women’s Hockey World Championships Tuesday night in Calgary.

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The golden goal came 7:22 in the 3v3 overtime period. The captain threw an accurate shot that not only defeated the American goalkeeper in the upper right corner, but also the referees who had to. Rely on replaying the video to confirm that it was really a success.

During the unusual streak, the players continued the match for a few moments before the bell rang as the seconds passed, confirming Quebec’s success and the victory of the host country.

Captain of Canada, Mary Philip Boleyn

“This is insane! Sarah Feller, after the victory, commented on TSN that it is also strange the way it has happened. It is amazing to be part of this team and this program is something I have always dreamed of. We always try to stay focused on our part and that is exactly what We did. We’re all really happy about that.”

Earlier in the match, American Alex Carpenter scored two goals in less than three minutes in the first half to lead 2-0.

Brianne Jenner started the machine in the power game for the Canadians. Grab a puck ball left free by Pauline to close the gap in the net. Jimmy Lee Rattray also scored after less than three minutes to set the table for a thrilling end to the match.

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Anne-Rene Despenses saved 23 balls in the win and her opponent Nicole Hensley saved 29 of her 32 balls.

Forward Mélodie Daoust was named the best player in the 2021 World Championships. She led the tournament with a total of 12 points, including six goals.

In the small final, the Finnish team defeated the Swiss team with a score of 3 to 1 to take the bronze.

The Russian Olympic Committee defeated the Japanese representatives 2-0 to finish fifth in the competition.

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