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You dreamed it, they did it: Doom is finally playable on a tractor

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Jillian Castillo
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We’ve known that for a while, when it comes to playing Doom, there are no limits to players’ imaginations. It has become almost a joke to find out which device it will be possible to launch the cult game developed by iD Software and this time on a tractor.

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Need a little context

In fact, most of the time when a short story talks about a new exploit to run Doom on an unusual device or device, there is a reason behind it. It is often a device that an intruder is running on and to prove that they have completely succeeded in penetrating the device’s defenses, they run a program on it. The choice often turns to Doom, a fairly light game whose source code has been available for several years now.

That’s why during DefCon 2022 in Las Vegas, a major annual hacking and computing conference, a designer by the name of Sick Codes highlighted the hacking of computers in tractors. This may sound trivial, but it also highlights how little control farmers have over their equipment. The latter depends on the manufacturers when it is necessary to fix something or make modifications to it.

So the main reason Jailbreak The computer system is integrated into several models of John Deere tractors. Thus, the Australian model was able to get to the heart of the device.

Free the tractors! We want farmers to be able to fix their stuff when things go wrong, and that now means being able to fix or make program decisions on their tractors.

Even if it started with a very good intention, you should have fun and that’s why with the help of a hacker named Skelegant, they enjoyed running the source code of Dehacked Doom which thus becomes playable on John Deere’s tractor.

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