‘180 coins I should take out of my salary’: Truck drivers struggle with rising fuel prices

Higher fuel prices are having repercussions on the salaries of heavily affected truck drivers.

Self-employed truck drivers are among the residents hardest hit by rising fuel prices, with a portion of their salary being deducted when their tank is filled.

“At 60 cents a liter, I have to take 180 coins out of my salary to drive my car,” Gaetan Legari, of the National Professional Truck Drivers Federation, said on air on LCN. “People are more able to work in these conditions,” he added.

The Transportation Department has pledged to provide compensation to truck drivers who depend on fuel prices. But Mr Legari considers this compensation too low, and would like to see it grow.

Currently, the ministry says it compensates, but there it compensates us only 10%. Even with his compensation, we ate 60 cents a liter in March, in April we were about 45 cents, and there we risk about 75 and 80 cents despite his compensation.”

The mental burden is heavy for those professionals who thought they saw the end of the tunnel with the end of the pandemic, but found themselves in a precarious economic situation.

“Imagine that when you come out of a pandemic, and we are forced to work in confusion, we are on the verge of bankruptcy,” the truck driver said.

Watch the full interview in the video above.

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