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48 hours after the storm, France Bellel speaks

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Its response stands in stark contrast to that of other municipalities in the GNC. In addition to Ottawa, elected officials from Cantlie, Hawkesbury, Clarence Rockland and Chelsea are among those who have appeared in public.

Meanwhile, France Bellel was in her chalet, according to the press official. She posted a few messages on her social media on Sunday before contacting the media on Monday about possible future flooding.

The city of Ottawa announced the establishment of its first emergency reception centers approximately 12 hours after the storm’s passage. For its part, set up Gatineau first centers Monday noon.

When asked by Radio Canada about her administration in the past two days, Ms. Bellell denied that she was absent from the public domain.

I spent 48 hours communicating with people from Gatineau. There are very influential people on earth who did what they had to do.

Then she added it The mayor is always reachableHe speaks for himself. Directory, I moved.

France Bellel continued her response by saying so The city did what it had to do in the context of a blackout Before appealing civil liability.

Civil security is everyone’s responsibility, not just the city of Gatineau. »

Quote from France Bellel, Mayor of Gatineau

[Au cours des dernières années]We experienced storms, hurricanes, and floods. We have citizens, if they don’t understand it yet, they should prepare themselves at home to survive for 72 hours. With non-perishable food and water. Citizens must be able to take measures.

In Ottaway, on the Hull Strip, a tree uprooted greatly modified the view of this backyard (archive).

Photo: Radio Canada / Natalie Tremblay

Counsellor on the ground

In an interview Monday afternoon, Action Gatineau’s interim leader, Steve Moran, admitted that he has not been unemployed for the past two days. He said he went to meet the citizens of Hull Wright, the area he represents on Gatineau City Council.

Steve Moran didn’t want to throw stones at Hydro-Québec, but he made no secret of the fact that he would like Crown to better inform citizens.

People are trying to go to the Hydro-Quebec site. They were told there was a breakdown. This, we know. Can we have a timetable? Well, we don’t have that.

Steve Moran in an interview.

Hull Wright County Councilor Steve Moran knocked on his countrymen’s doors to offer his help.

Photo: Radio Canada

On the other hand, he did not want to criticize the work of Frans Bellil.

You will be able to talk to him about this this afternoon. […] The mayor has a role to play. I let herjust answered.

He later added that he focuses his energies on helping his fellow citizens. Trail the trees in the street. There must be a school [mardi]. People are concerned about the safety of children.

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