5 cartoons to put in your bag

Vacations are also made for fun, and Yojimbo It will surely bring you your fair share of adventure and action. The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, in the heart of an abandoned amusement park, inhabited only by robots, which were originally intended to accompany and entertain visitors.

Left to their own devices today, these robots are doomed to continue their program until their circuits are extinct. Now, two men have arrived, a father and his son. After being chased by their mates, they will try to cross the garden, only to find themselves in contact with the robots.

Here we are again faced with the work of a complete author: Sylvain Repos is present in the text and in the drawing, and therefore he presents us with an incomparable work. Yojimbo A product of its era, a blend of Franco-Belgian inspiration, comedy and manga, for a dynamic design and beautiful action scenes. Battles are often moments that are difficult to portray in comics, but here we feel the author perfects his combat designs: the scenes are smooth, legible, and captivating. So yeah, it’s just volume 1, and the story isn’t over yet, but if you want to read more right away, know that Sylvain Repos has also created a dedicated webtoon, available at Web Tone Factory

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