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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Nintendo

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Nintendo is, without a doubt, one of the most successful video game companies worldwide. Most people would admit that they have at least one of their widely popular games, like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, or Pokemon.

Still, despite being aware of Luigi and Super Mario and many other characters, you, like most people, aren’t aware of the history of Nintendo. They had generally kept away from the spotlight and didn’t disclose much information about their work and creative processes, but the following facts are known to the public.

Casino Games

Nintendo got involved in the iGaming sector with the development of high-quality casino games. It comes as no surprise that Nintendo got interested in online gambling, as online casinos have experienced massive demand in recent years.

It is a market with a great potential to reach a wide audience of users that typically use their smartphones to play casino games. However, Nintendo is aware of the immense competition on the market, as there are many popular iGaming developers, including NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, IGT, and Playtech, to name a few. This doesn’t mean that their games are in any way subpar to the competitors, but you can play them on casino sites and wager your own money.

On casino sites, also there are no deposit bonus  offers among many other promos including bonus spins, deposit match bonuses, and other options. Otherwise, they have found success in this sector with titles like Poker Club, Vegas Party, Four Kings, and many more.

The Inventor of Game Boy

One of the main factors for the international success of Nintendo was the development of the Game Boy. Gunpei Yokoi was just a janitor and assembly line worker, but his talents were soon noticed by Hiroshi Yamauchi, the president of the company at the time. He initially created the Ultra Hand. Moreover, he actually managed to create the best Nintendo innovations, Donkey Kong and Metroid and Game & Watch.

Name of the Iconic Character

One of the most iconic characters associated with Nintendo is, of course, Super Mario. It trailblazed the success of Nintendo in the USA and Europe and helped the company achieve global success. But the iconic character’s name. Actually has a fun story as it was the name of the landlord in Nintendo’s USA warehouses. The Nintendo team used a warehouse in the USA and were behind on the rent, which is why they have named the character and the game Mario. Its first appearance was actually in another popular Nintendo title Donkey Kong, but the real success and recognition came with Super Mario Bros.

Donkey Kong

The ability of a character to jump in a game is subaqueous now with many popular titles, including Super Mario Bros. But, the foundations were set in 1981 when Donkey Kong introduced this mechanic. It was a technical feat to produce Donkey Kong at the time, even though a decade earlier, Pong was another game that featured a similar mechanic. Japan, also known as Super Mario and Luigi’s father was the playable character and which made the game an instant hit and helped Nintendo to create a new genre of games.

Wii Sports

Wii Sports has become one of the most profitable segments in Nintendo, and it is an unbelievable success that features the following five sports golf, baseball, bowling, tennis, and boxing. It was first created in 2006 as a sports simulation video game that featured tennis, while the goal was to recreate and perform actions in the sports virtually. The game is very simple, and anyone can play it, which gave Nintendo a competitive edge, especially now since a huge audience of gamers is familiar with Wii Sports.

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