5 tips to save while cooking

Sometimes grocery shopping is expensive; Here are some tips for saving money when preparing food.

Elena Vaita, founder of Mezza Luna Cooking School, showed journalist Dominic Talbot how to save money when cooking at night. Here are his tips:

1) Grow her vegetables at home.

All you need is a small yard or even a balcony to grow some vegetables at home. This can lead to significant savings.

2) Avoid expensive products.

When shopping, carefully check the prices of the products you are shopping for. For the same product, some may be much more expensive than others. Likewise, items like baby spinach are great value for money.

3) Look at the expiration date.

It is important to eat the products we know we are going to eat, because food that expires in our refrigerator can be a huge loss.

4) Avoid cooking with too many ingredients.

Use few ingredients, but delicious ingredients, it’s insurance to save on grocery bill, reduce risk of wastage.

5) Check its reserves.

It’s important to open your fridge and cupboard to make sure what you really need. Duplicate purchases are an unnecessary expense, especially for perishable products.

By following these tips, Elena Faita’s got enough to cook two recipes for four to five people, all for $53. And once the recipe is finished, he still has $25 worth of products at his disposal.

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