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6 points to understand the military strategies of Russia and Ukraine

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For 13 days, the Russian army has been bombing Ukraine and making gains in the country. While Russia attacks, Ukraine is forced to defend itself. A six-point summary of the two countries’ military strategies.

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According to the former Canadian Defense Attache in Moscow and Kiev, Pierre Saint-Cyr, the Russian army is currently trying to encircle the Ukrainian capital. “We are witnessing the consolidation of forces around the capital, especially in the east and west, to control, invest and occupy this city in vice,” he said. By doing so, Russia is trying to touch the government of Ukraine.

Vladimir’s army is also trying to establish itself along the Black Sea coast, according to Mr. St-Cyr. “Odessa has become another target of them. We see a lot of movement of the Russian fleet that is self-centered,” he said. The army’s capture of Odessa would allow Russia to encircle Ukraine economically.

In order to succeed in its operation to capitalize on cities, the Russian military first relies on attacks with psychological effects, such as bombings, to destroy infrastructure in order to demoralize citizens. “When they see that they have a certain advantage with these tactics, the army on the ground will begin to invest the city streets, most likely with armored vehicles,” explains Pierre Saint-Cyr.

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Seeing the Russian forces advancing towards the cities, the Ukrainian army had no choice but to defend itself. Pitching obstacles is a strategy Ukraine uses to rein in Russia. Cars will have to spread across the city and (become) ambushes. (The Ukrainians will) later be able to step in and attack them,” he analyzes.

Ukraine should also prepare its citizens to face invasions by “training them with small arms”. “The population is already armed. They also educate them about the use of Molotov cocktails,” adds Mr. Saint-Cyr.

To defend their capital, the Ukrainians could also decide to blow up the last still intact bridge that gave access to Kyiv. He believes that “if there is no longer a bridge over the (Dnieper) River, it will be a major obstacle for the Russian forces.”

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