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800 km walk, 130 poems and feature films

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Gabriel Samson I, Charlie Cameron Verge and Natalie Fontalvo, all three alumni of the Institute of Performing Arts in Quebec, made this 50-day journey with the goal of making a feature film.

Charlie and Natalie are the co-producers and co-directors of this interdisciplinary project called at worst He. She it will be He. She.

Like Gabriel, they also wrote some texts during the course, totaling 130 poems.

During the shooting, there were many moments when we said to ourselves ‘worst case it would be’ because we had to give in to making choices dictated by the area or social situations we were in., says composer and musician Gabriel Samson I.

Charlie and Gabriel did not face their first writing challenges. So they wanted to relive the experience over a longer period in a performance context, a walking context.

Walking in, by virtue of writing, I had the impression that there were things that happened, but it took this project until I dared to write poetry, and I am not ashamed to write it and find it cheesy, Confie Gabriel Samson I.

This journey allowed artists not only to develop their pen, but also to open up about their feelings.

There has been an evolution in letting go and accepting giving up some of my privacy. I guess the 50 days allowed me to assert myself more in my privacyCharlie Cameron Verge explained.

There is already a development in [la façon dont] I am able to offer a piece of the authenticity of my daily life on this walk, compared to the first day.

Quote from:Charlie Cameron Verge, co-director and co-producer

A physical challenge as well as a mental challenge

This journey required both a moral and a physical effort for the walkers, who had to juggle some logistical challenges.

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Every day we slept in a different place, and in fact, it is great for walking, but for photography it is not. We didn’t have time to locate, we spent a lot of time every day packing and unpackingSays Natalie Fontalvo.

Several friends came to support them through parts of the challenge by playing the game as well.

From Quebec City to Saint Fabian, I found it relatively easier than I expected, if only because I still had physical energy. I was mentally exhausted, but my body was fine and I was able to move on and just ignore my feelings.Lance Charlie Cameron Verg.

The mountains in Gaspésie, I find it really beautiful, that’s what kept me alive, but at the same time, you have to climb the mountain.

Quote from:Charlie Camero Verge, Co-Director and Co-Producer

Film Editing

Pedestrians will take care of the three-way script and liberation will begin in September.

This experience assured me that I wanted to make films.

Quote from:Natalie Fontalvo, Co-Director

They want to unveil their feature film by 1he is May 2022 and present it to the Quebec City Film Festival and Carrousel international du film de Rimouski.

One of their goals is to collect poems in a collection.

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