White House visit | Tom Brady makes fun of Donald Trump

(Washington) He had a friendly relationship with Donald Trump, but at the expense of the former president, living football legend Tom Brady had a good time at the White House on Tuesday, alongside Joe Biden.

« Beaucoup de gens ne croient pas que nous ayons gagné », at-il dit à propos de la victoire de son équipe, les Buccaneers de Tampa Bay, lors du dernier Super Bowl, ce qui leur valait d’être reçus à la White House .

“In fact, I think 40% of people still don’t think we won,” he said, clearly referring to Donald Trump and his toughest supporters, who are vying against all odds. Evidence of Joe Biden’s victory in the White House.

“I understand that,” Joe Biden replied, causing laughter among the players and the coaching staff.

Tom Brady also stated that after a particularly bad match, “They started calling me ‘Sleepy Tom.’ I wonder why,” he pretended to be surprised. The Democratic president, whom Donald Trump called “Sleepy Joe,” was delighted with “Sleeping Joe.”

The Democratic president was pleased to recall the 43-year-old’s exceptional longevity, which made him the oldest quarterback to play in the Super Bowl.

“I don’t see the problem when the older man gets to the top,” said the oldest elected president of the United States.

Tom Brady was known for always keeping out of politics, and in the past he maintained friendly relations with Donald Trump, with whom he played golf. A photo of the changing room taken in 2015 also showed one of the red hats worn by GOP supporters during the campaign.

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Then Brady distanced himself from the businessman.

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