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A 20-year-old program behind the viral chat filter accident

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Here I am, but I am not a catThe attorney said during a videoconference on Zoom while speaking to a judge in Texas.

If we do not know the circumstances that led to the arrest of this American lawyer with a candidate from a worried cat, we know where the program that allowed this moment of lightness comes from.

This is live! Cam Avatar, a built-in webcam tool for some Dell laptops. The program was also available for download on Windows XP, 2000, and Vista.

This event reminds us of a live press conference he heldPakistani politician accidentally turned into a cat with a filter On the face. The pictures quickly spread around the world.

How to place (and remove) a chat filter on Zoom

People wanting to put themselves in the shoes of the same cats as the Texas attorney don’t have many options in front of them, like Reallusion, the company that created the filter, has switched to 3D animation in real time and no longer offers that chat.

However, the Zoom video conferencing tool has its own filters, which allow even Internet users to integrate those on third-party platforms.

The Snap Camera app in particular offers some chat filters that can add a little bit of airiness to your video chats.

To integrate the tool with Zoom, open Snap Camera first, then go to video conferencing platform settings. Go to the video section, click camera From the drop-down list and select Capture the camera. You should see the filter you chose appear in the preview before joining the conversation.

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However, be careful not to forget to remove it before an important meeting. To do this, open the Camera option in the Zoom platform settings and then choose the usual camera again.

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