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Alouette filled with Quebec players

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Danny McCusia has struck a deal with Calgary Stampeders’ long throw specialist since 2016, Pierre Luc Caron, with former Saskatchewan midfielder Alexander Scheffrier, with receiver Regis Sebaso from Argonauts, with defensive back Kerfalla-Emmanuel Exumé from the Blue Bombers and with the attack. Jason Luzon Seguin, who has been in Ottawa since 2016.

The five players come from the universities of Quebec.

Caron, a former Roger Iteur, has played 71 matches for Stampede’s team. He has taken care of the long rebates in his rookie year.

Chevrier, formerly Vert & Or, specializes in special teams. In Montreal, he met Alexander Janey, another graduate of the University of Sherbrooke. Together, they assembled an impressive 70 special teams with the Roughriders in two seasons.

Exumé was implemented under Maciocia at the University of Montreal. In his first professional season with the Blue Bombers in 2019, the defensive fullback finished second in the league with 25 special teams.

Regis Cebaso, the former Carabinieri recipient, reached an agreement with Aloit. It was drafted in 2018 by the Argonauts, and returned to play a fifth college season in Montreal before moving on to the pros. The Argonauts used it in their own teams and as a full back in 2019.

Finally, Jason Lauzon-Séguin, Rouge et Noir’s first choice in 2016, also comes to Montreal. The 2017 Eastern All-Star member was used as goalkeeper and blocker in 54 matches in Ottawa.

French all over the toilet

The Alwitte introduced the Quebecers the five in one videoconference from which an overt and intimate friendship had already begun.

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Even if they weren’t all at the same stage in their careers, the five soccer players made no secret of their happiness back home, whether for family or professional reasons.

There are many links between the newcomers and other members of the organization.

I was talking about it with PL (Caron) a couple of days ago and we thought our font team could fully speak French.Alexander Schefferer emphasized.

Chevrier reunites with partner Alexandre Gagné, but will also have the opportunity to play Jason Lauzon-Séguin for the first time since college, when they collaborated with Noir et Or de Valleyfield.

For his part, Lauzon-Séguin will have a chance to return to the Rouge et Or sector, known for developing an excellent offensive line under Carl Brennan in Quebec.

Luke Brodeur Jordan, who is also a graduate of Laval University, is now the coach of the Montreal Offensive Line. He will find himself with three Rouge et Or alumni competing for the positions: Lauzon-Séguin, Philippe Gagnon and Samuel Thomassin, penned by the Alouettes in the second round last year.

If the French-speaking team’s transformation seems obvious, players don’t think it’s just a marketing ploy.

I think this indicates that the talent in Quebec is still very strong. I think all the French-speaking players that Montreal signed will have a big impact next year.

Alexander Schefferer

Jason Lauzon-Séguin immediately added to his colleague’s words.

If we remember the gray trophy in 2016, the two teams, Calgary and Ottawa, were full of French.

Pierre-Luc Caron said with a laugh that he did not really remember this match, as he was the one who was next to the Stampeders team, who bowed in front of Roger and Noire de La Ozone Segueen.

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The two former Karaben are not in the same situation with their new teammates, as they only have one professional season behind.

Exumé and Cibasu naturally aim to have a starting position in the Sparrows’ defense and attack and think it might help them end up in an organization where the soccer crew knows them well.

All that remains is to find time to play all these lovely people.

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