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A bear attacks a woman through an outdoor toilet hatch

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Shannon Stevens, his brother Eric, and his sister-in-law left for an ice trip to an arena about 20 miles northwest of Haines, in the Southern state, on February 13.

At the site, Ms. Stephens felt the need to rest and went to the open-air toilet, about fifty meters from the house.

When I sat down I immediately felt something biting my assShannon Stevens explains. I jumped and screamed!

Upon hearing his sister’s screams, Eric Stevens ran to the little hut, where she was covering her wound.

At first he thought she was bitten by a squirrel or you, but when he lit the hole the attack came from, he jumped.

When the toilet has claws

When I raised the toilet seat, I saw a bear directly on the seat. He was looking through the hole, he was watching me, He says.

Once back to safety in the tents, Mrs. Stephens treated her injury with a first aid package. It was bleeding, but it wasn’t a bad woundShe explained.

The next morning, vacationers found traces of bears all over the land, but the beast was gone.

By observing the scene, they concluded that the animal entered under the toilet via a hatch under the cabin’s back door.

I guess it is not a very noisy place during the winterShannon thinks.

According to biologist Karl Koch of the Alaska Department of Fisheries, Hunting and Wildlife Management, the observed trails are likely to coincide with those of the black bear.

His hypothesis appears to have been confirmed by photos of a black bear sent by a neighbor two days later.

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A record year for bear reports

Haines recorded a record year for bear reports.

Among the reasons given by Mr. Koch to explain the large number of encounters with these animals, there is a low salmon stock with a bad year for berries.

It is also possible that the bear has not gained enough weight before the excess winter and may need to walk a lot and early in the season., Determines.

According to him, Shannon Stevens was most likely the victim of a paw blow rather than a sting.

He reminds countryside vacationers of the importance of having a can of pepper spray with them.

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