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A camping project worries citizens

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A camping project under construction in Métabetchouan-Lac-à-la-Croix, in Lac-Sain-Jean, is worrying the citizens of the Strip.

These residents fear the inconveniences associated with the future operation of the 55-seat land. The proximity of Clarence’s future camp site, Saint André Street, will likely disturb the neighborhood.

At first, Anne-Rene Gagnon, who lives next to the access road, did not find any inconvenience.

“I thought it would bring activity to the area!” did she say.

Developer Claveau et Fils of Saguenay acquired an area of ​​2.8 hectares in November 2018. 55 plots of land are under development. The site will be managed by a cooperative.

Relations with the neighborhood reportedly deteriorated in December 2020. MI Gagnon regrets uprooting three mature trees from his property.

“On December 24, the noise of the machines woke me up and saw the three trees cut down as well as part of the fence,” she said. “The foreman asked me what I wanted as compensation, but he wouldn’t go further, so I don’t know yet if we’ll be successful in the deal.”

Katie Tibodeau and her wife, who live in Quebec, on Saint-Andre Street, still think they got the perfect second home two years ago. Camping was just a project at the time.

M pointed out.I Thibodeau.

Today, the owner is surprised by the scale of the project. The camp site will in fact occupy the entire field of view provided by its own site. She and her husband have completely restored a more than 100-year-old home, and are now expecting to invest in Sur.

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“It would be a great investment. When you come on the weekend, you can’t watch the trailers!” I explained.

“What worries me is the noise, people staying up late, loud music…”

The municipality ensures that the project owner meets all the requirements of the Ministry of Environment. You have accepted the project to generate economic activity.

“We will certainly be monitoring compliance with municipal regulations,” said Mayor Andre Fortin.

He added that in the event of a dispute between citizens and the promoter, the city could act as a mediator, “depending on what can be done”.

“I just want them to respect my land,” said Anne-Rene Gagnon.

Claveau et Fils did not want an interview.

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