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A case of meningitis is admitted to Bastia Hospital Centre

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condition Meningococcal meningitis It was accepted Hospital center to Bastia. This young woman, who studies at Giocante Secondary School in Casablanca, was transferred to intensive care overnight from Friday to Saturday, January 20.

In a press release sent to the press this evening, Saturday, the regional health agency indicated that it had confirmed this “All people identified as high-risk contacts have benefited or will benefit from antibiotic treatment to prevent any new cases.”

The health authorities explained that epidemiological investigations have been carried out in order to identify and preventively treat people at risk in family, friends, school, sports and medical fields. “This antibiotic prophylaxis makes it possible to prevent the occurrence of dangerous forms, interrupt chains of transmission, and thus reduce the risk of epidemics.”writes ARS.

Health authorities recommend that you do not go to the emergency room or pharmacy without first being contacted by an ARS doctor or nurse. “In realityThe regional health agency indicates, Antibiotic prophylaxis is only available by prescription. This will be issued to you if you are identified as a person at risk, i.e. if you have had close (less than 1 meter face-to-face) and prolonged (more than an hour) contact with sick people. Someone in the bottom ten.”

People close to at-risk contacts are not contacts. The ARS also lists the more obvious signs of meningococcal meningitis: severe headache, accompanied by fever, sensitivity to light, neck stiffness, aches and fatigue, and red or purple spots under the skin on the body. If you experience these symptoms, ARS recommends calling 15.

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