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Energy replenishment

Thanks to France Relance’s plan, Inserm is part of the national pathway aimed at reducing energy consumption in public buildings. The institute receives funding that enables it to renovate the 14 buildings it owns. These projects are monitored by the real estate services of the regional delegations and benefit from the support of the Real Estate Affairs Office of the Financial Affairs Department.

The projects selected by France Relance are as follows:

Regional delegation of Occitanie Mediterranee

Renovation of heating / air conditioning installations at the Montpellier Neuroscience Institute (project FR 9242)

The process will consist of the renovation of all existing facilities, the sources of many dysfunctions (leaks and major malfunctions), the Inserm building of the Montpellier Institute of Neurosciences (INM), located on the CHU Saint-Eloi site, and the implementation of works that made it possible to restore the so-called “lethal” energies (From ventilation or heating outlets, or hot wastewater).

The call to bid for works contracts will be launched in April 2021, with works actually starting in September 2021 for a period of 32 months. The total cost of the investment financed under the redemption plan is € 1,909,054 including taxes.

Regional delegation Occitan Pyrenees

Renovation of heating / air conditioning facilities at the Toulouse Institute for Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases and at the Digestive Health Research Institute (Project FR 9343)

The operation will allow the replacement of 167 HVAC stations in offices and research laboratories for the joint Infinity and IRSD research units (Inserm Buildings A and B located on the Burban University Hospital site). This work will make it possible to secure continuity of research activities by reducing downtime. The centralization of thermal regulation of buildings will also allow for intelligent and rational management of energy.

The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is 244,800 EUR including taxes.

Regional delegation in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes

Renovation of lighting in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand (Projects FR 4895, FR 4892, FR 4894, FR 4893)

These four projects relate in succession to Primage (the Cermep platform), Cours Albert Thomas (Laboratory of Treatments and Applications of Ultrasound), the Vinatier (Neuroscience Research Center in Lyon) buildings in Lyon and the Inserm (Laboratory of Molecular Imaging and Therapy) at the site of Gabriel Hospital Monbed in Clermont-Ferrand. The work consists of replacing existing lighting with the latest generation of LED lights, with presence detectors installed. The goals are to reduce energy consumption by reducing maintenance costs, as well as improving the visual comfort for users.

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The total cost of the work financed under the payback plan is € 215,524 including tax.

Cermep Energy Renewal (Project FR 4887)

Energy regeneration of the Cermep Building installations, which includes a functional imaging center, consists of installing thermodynamic batteries for air handling units, replacing AHUs with dual flow AHUs, and installing air conditioning systems. Energy production system. This project will allow to reduce electricity consumption and heat loss, as well as the local production of renewable electricity thanks to photovoltaic panels.

The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is 700,490 EUR including taxes.

Replacement of windows and lamps at CRNL and the Stem and Brain Cell Institute (Projects FR 4889 / FR 4890)

These two projects concern the replacement of joinery and lighting for the Bron 1 and Bron 2 buildings located on the site of the Louis Pradel Hospital. Installing low-E double-glazed windows and LED lighting systems associated with presence detection devices will reduce energy consumption, reduce air leakage, and improve thermal and visual comfort for users.

The total cost of the investment financed under the redemption plan is € 891,823, including tax.

Renovation of the central technical management systems of 7 Inserm buildings in Lyon and Clermont-Ferrand (project FR 4888)

This project relates to the renovation of the Central Technical Management System (GTC) of the Bron 1, Bron 2, Primage, Vinatier, CAT and Inserm Tower buildings in Lyon, as well as the Inserm Building in Clermont-Ferrand. The replacement of the building management system and the supervision part will be accompanied by the installation of additional energy meters. The goal is to improve facility management, to reduce plant-by-station consumption, to control energy bill and to reduce maintenance costs.

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The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is 81,200 euros, including taxes.

Regional delegation in Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur

Thermal renovation of the building of regional delegations (project FR 4442)

The operation aims to improve the thermal insulation and modernize the heating and ventilation facilities in the building of the regional delegations (in Saint-Margaret, Marseille), to reduce unnecessary consumption as much as possible.

The electrical installation will also be improved by replacing all lighting, adding central controls and sub-metering. This will enable the most energy-consuming equipment to be identified and the inclusion of its replacement with more sober models within the framework of the procurement policy. Finally, installing a fleet of solar panels on the roof will significantly reduce overall electricity consumption thanks to the strong sunshine in the area.

The renovation of this building to high use falls within the framework of the “third decree” that sets goals to reduce energy consumption in the French third park. The total cost of the investment financed under the redemption plan is € 1,474,452 including taxes.

Northwest Regional Delegation / Hauts-de-France

Jean-Pierre Hubert Research Center (project FR 2221)

In order to anticipate a complete future renovation of the building, the project provides success for the ARIANES project submitted to CPER 2021-2027. It also aims to modernize the production and regulation of domestic heating and hot water in the Biserte building that houses the Neuroscience and Cognition Research Center in Lille (LilNCog).

This work will focus on the elements that are more aging, and thus energy consumption. They will allow the installation of variable flow pumps (heating and DHW), balance the heating networks and DHW and regenerate valves, improve the regulation of heating and remove sludge from heating networks. The project management studies were launched in March 2021, and work is scheduled to start from June 2021 with acceptance in September 2021. This project, according to the study conducted during the energy and carbon balance diagnostics, will allow for an 8.17% reduction in energy consumption.

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The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is 72,000 euros, including taxes.

New regional delegation in Aquitaine

Energy replenishment of the Biology Center of Cardiovascular Diseases in Pisac (Project FR 3798)

The operation aims to replace the lighting with LED systems, the installation of self-consuming photovoltaic panels on the roof and the installation of external electric blinds in the Inserm building on the Haut-Hospital Lévèque de Pessac site.

The goal is to obtain means to substantially and sustainably improve the energy consumption of the research building.

The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is € 409,200 including taxes.

Energy Renewal at the Institut François Magendy (Project FR 3799)

The project consists of installing more than 200 connected thermostats, replacing existing lighting with LED technology and creating an airlock at the entrance to the Neurocentre de Magendie in Bordeaux. The building, which also houses the regional delegation Inserm Nouvelle Aquitaine, is located on the campus of the University Hospital of Carreire.

The goal is to sustainably reduce the energy consumption of the research center and the loss of heat or freshness, depending on the season, through the building entrance.

The total cost of the investment financed under the recovery plan is € 1,222,000 including taxes.

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