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A fan has uploaded manuals of all cult console games

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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Forget online lessons. Super fan nintendo All old game clues collected from Control unit Released in the West, reports BFM TV. In response to the Peebs moniker, this somewhat obsessive fan has collected his findings on a website called SNES Manual Archive.

He only needed one guide to complete his set, the “90 Minutes European Prime Goal” soccer game set. But on July 1, he announced that he had finally recovered it for storage along with another 723 brochures he had already scanned. “I never thought we would finish the SNES Handbooks project,” Pepes admitted on Twitter, thanking those who helped.

There are still 47 matches to complete

This endeavor is part of the challenge. The player who has a chain TwitchHe wanted to end all games on the Nintendo console. To do this, he needed to know the specific key combinations. The information contained in the brochures.

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This crazy project allowed him to acquire such marvels as the “Sküljagger” guide (1992), which offers 75 out of 80 pages dedicated to following an adventure in seven chapters. For his part, “Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (1994)” delivers its instructions in the form of a cartoons.

To form his group, Peebs has been able to count on a large number of shareholders from all over the world. Nearly 100 people sent him brochures. His challenge has not been fully met: he still has 47 matches to complete…

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