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A fatal battle in Al-Amour Cinema: The accused is subject to trial

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Rarely does experience allow such an unusual invasion of the privacy of adherents of erotic cinema. Swinging, peeping, reviewing … there was apparently no taboo on June 25 2018 during an evening. Quiet At Cinema L’Amour, according to testimonies of two regular employees, on Monday, in a courtroom in Montreal.

The accused, Victorio Reno Pereira, attended with his wife. While a erotic movie was being shown on a big screen, the couple had intimate relationships, in the back of the room, in full view of everyone. Eight or nine men He could have come close to looking at them, and a spectator testified in front of the court, and his fictitious name would be Maxim. Often it is voyeurism. We watch the showExplains an ordinary 60-year-old we’ll call him Paul.

One of the men, Juan Hernandez-Cortez, 59, allegedly referred to the woman to participate in the sexual act. He tries with his hands to lead it towards him by taking it from the basinPaul says.

The accused would have told him NonBut the victim would have tried a second approach.

According to Paul, there is a code of conduct. When spouses say no, it is no. He should not have made this gesture again. For me, it’s stubbornness.

a jab In the face

Victorio Reno Pereira is represented by attorneys Jeffrey Burrow and Victoria Nicks (pictured).

Photo: Radio Canada

A stampede would follow, during which the two men were to push each other.

From the first strikes, we told them, the men around, to stop the fightPaul says. I tried to separate themMaxim, who testifies that Mr. Cortez appeared, argues Extremely screwed.

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After a few seconds, Victorio Reno Pereira should have released the jab Facing Juan Hernandez-Cortez. The victim fell on the benches and heard her fall to the ground, Mentions maxim. Mr. Cortez appeared to be unconscious.

The accused looked down and ran with his wifeAccording to the young man who was going to ask the cinema employee for help.

Juan Hernandez-Cortez was hospitalized and died nearly two weeks later on July 8, 2018.

The accused met the police for the first time on August 10, 2018. In an indication of the complexity of the investigation, he was charged more than two months later. He is released during his trial, which continues Tuesday, before Judge Flavia K. Lungo of the Court of Quebec. Prosecutors are represented by Yasmine Guillaume and Jerome Laflam. The defense is provided by attorneys Jeffrey Burrow and Victoria Knicks.

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