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A former Russian diplomat said that Ukraine must destroy Russia’s tariffs in order to win

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Twenty-year-old Bondarev worked as a diplomat in the Russian Foreign Ministry between 2002 and 2022. In May, because of Putin, he went to Ukraine, and in January he was an adviser to the Russian mission to the United Nations.

He is the only Russian diplomat to have died publicly over the conflict and stated in his open letter of resignation that the wolf is not only a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also the worst crime against the people of Russia.

Boris Bondarev

Bondarev also does not understand the fears of the Western world, which does not want Ukraine to fall in love with mainland Russia and interfere with it. You can’t defeat the wolf, said the former diplomat, if you don’t find your enemy. He added that it goes without saying that Ukraine should not impose civic duties, as Russia has done for Ukraine.

In December, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the newspaper that 62% of Russian missile attacks were aimed at Ukrainian civilian targets, and as a result dozens of cities, towns, villages and settlements were destroyed.

According to the Ukrainian president, Russian missiles targeted civilian targets and Putin’s forces killed Ukrainian civilians. Moscow this fortress or

Anton Geraienko, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister, told Newsweek on November 17 that Ukraine still relies on supplies of equipment for its counter-offensive, and that his country needs hundreds of thousands of combat and reconnaissance aircraft in order to grow faster. .

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Bondarev agreed with the minister’s statement and added that Ukraine needed something to fight for. She said the drones could be very useful when ordering from Russian warehouses outside Russia and at the Russian military’s logistics centers.

The first, published in November by the US Atlantic Council, stated that the United States and Ukraine’s fallen ally are shielding Russia from a Ukrainian backflow.

Ukraine should be the first to make an impact in Russia, but at the moment its partners do not allow it to do this, Kiev cannot afford to lose their support. The Atlantic Council said the United States and other countries have placed limits on acceptable tariffs for the weapons they provide and are demanding guarantees from Kiev that those weapons will not be used to target Russia itself.

In December, Russia accused Ukraine of attacking Russian territory. In December, an oil tanker was hit at an airfield in Kursk. A few days later, officials reported two explosions – one at Engels Airport in the Saratov region and the other, when a truck was filled with fuel at Jagilev Airport near the city of Ryaza. Kiev generally did not recognize these holes.

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