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A loot was found in the church wall seven years after the theft

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In 2014, a major church in Houston, United States, was the victim of thieves who stole $600,000. Seven years later, a plumber appears to have found the loot inside the church’s walls.

Last November, the worker was assigned to carry out repairs in Lakewood Joel Austin Church. Then he discovered hundreds of envelopes filled with cash and checks.

According to police investigators, everything seems to indicate that it was the loot that was stolen in March 2014. The money came from the donations of the parishioners.

According to what he told a local radio station, the plumber found the money when it was time to move the toilet. It was said that about 500 envelopes were behind a slab in the wall that fell on him.

The latter immediately reported his discovery and gave the money to the church.

The plumber also said he felt he deserved an award for his discovery.

“I didn’t solve the case, but I did find very important clues as to what could happen,” he said.

A police investigation is also underway to confirm whether it was indeed the stolen item from seven years ago.

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