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A mad fox secretly attacks a woman while she is talking on the phone

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A 61-year-old woman had the horror of her life when a fox pounced on and bit her repeatedly.

Sherry Russo, an American from New York, was talking on a cell phone in a plot of land next to her house on July 25 when a rabid fox came from behind and attacked her.

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Pictures taken with his surveillance camera.look above) spread on social media.

During the incident, the retired nurse, who initially thought it was her neighbor’s dog, was bitten by 16 bites.

“When I felt the first pinch on the outside of my leg, I actually thought it was our neighbor’s dog,” Russo said. Fox News. “I raised my leg and was about to say ‘Hey, what are you doing?'” I chased after him, but I looked down and saw this gray fox.

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During the violent struggle between the creature and her, Rousseau flung him to the ground several times, but bent, the fox returned to charge each time.

The victim added: “It was a little monster, but it was just tough, it would come back and every time it did, I started to lose more confidence in my ability to push it away.”

At last her neighbour, alerted by her screams, saved her by arriving armed with a stick.

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“As soon as the fox saw him approaching me, he just thought of attacking someone else because that was when he left,” said the man, who now owed one to his neighbor.

“I thank God that my neighbor came. I can’t get over how wonderful it was that he didn’t look away or pretend he didn’t hear anything. I will be forever grateful to him.”

Since the fox tested positive for rabies, Rousseau was given a rabies shot and antibiotics.

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