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Quebec Bridge: a dead end estimated at 4 million

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The tabs are decoded in the Quebec bridge file. On Thursday, Radio Canada revealed that there is an agreement between National Canada and Ottawa to confirm the purchase of infrastructure by the federal government.

This deal is blocked by Quebec, which has pre-emption as the bridge’s principal tenant.

According to new information confirmed by Radio Canada, the Legault government is against increasing the annual rent, which is estimated at 4 million dollars.

subordinate Peanuts

A source familiar with the matter believes Quebec’s opposition is incomprehensible at this advanced stage of the negotiations.

Quebec plays with the future of critical conservation infrastructure Peanuts!Scream.

As the principal tenant of the Quebec Bridge, the Department of Transportation (MTQ) pays an annual rent of $7 million to Canadian National Corporation (CN).

Every day, nearly 33,000 vehicles use the heritage infrastructure to cross the Saint Lawrence River.

However, the agreement that binds North Carolina and the MTQ It expires next month and must be renegotiated.

The federal government would like to take advantage of this window to obtain the bridge and increase the rent of Quebec to ensure the longevity of the structure.

According to several sources, Ottawa requires annual rent of between $11.2 and $11.7 million annually.

Restoration work on the Quebec Bridge is worth $784 million.

Quebec sticks to its guns

Thursday, Treasury Vice Chairman Jonathan Julian fired red balls in the direction of Ottawa by denouncing an offer that would cost More than 350 million to the Quebec government.

This statement is true, but did not specify that the amount is amortized over 25 years with an annual index fixed at 2%.

With an inflation rate of 8%, who can denounce the 2% indicator? asks our source.

A call was made on Saturday to the Director of Communications in the Transport Minister’s office, Jean-Francois del Turchio, and did not conflict with the numbers obtained by Radio Canada.

For us, it is up to the Liberal Party of Canada to honor its electoral commitment, namely to regain and maintain control of the Quebec Bridge.He said in a written statement.

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