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A man swallows AirPods while sleeping

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Sleeping with headphones on can be dangerous. An American learned it the hard way: He had accidentally swallowed his AirPods while sleeping, without realizing it. It was an x-ray that revealed its presence in his esophagus.

A Massachusetts resident swallowed a single shell From AirPods. When he woke up in the morning, he noticed that he had little difficulty swallowing. Due to his dry throat, he was not paying much attention, according to KVEO TV.

After shoveling snow for two hours the previous day, the 38-year-old fell “tired”. In the morning he resumed his task for an hour. After work was over, he tried to drink a glass of water again, and he said he couldn’t.

This is when he notices One of his AirPods It was missing. A father of two children, He goes to bed With his headphones nearly every day so that he wouldn’t wake his six-month-old baby.

It was not a joke

Jokingly, his wife tells him that he might have swallowed it. After a short thought, he decided to see a doctor.

To the amazement of the hospital staff he visited, an X-ray shows the missing earpiece in the esophagus. Then the doctor performs an endoscopy to extract it.

According to him, it is extremely rare for such an object blocking the esophagus not to be painful or extremely uncomfortable.

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