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A monkey playing a video game thanks to Elon Musk’s implant (video)

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Jillian Castillo
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Elon Musk, Behind the businessman, he is definitely a realm at heart. Whether with TeslaAnd the Space x or NeuralinkThe billionaire appears to be driven by the need to push the boundaries of the possible and the imagined. musk Big dream but eyes wide open. Since the billionaire is not afraid to invest in both human and scientific adventures, which would have potentially turned into large financial risks or large commercial veins. In any case with Tesla And the SpaceX, Musk He won his bets. And with Neuralink, He was making remarkable progress. Most recently, a neurotechnology company had a breakthrough with a monkey.

Conclusive tests on a monkey

Neuralink It was launched in 2016 and is a neurotechnology company that manufactures implants, the popular “brain interfaces”. Interfaces, according to the company, aim to help paralyzed people, but also to expand our capabilities, our community and our world. practically, Neuralink Finally, a computer chip, the size of a large coin, should be implanted in the human brain.

The chip, that Neuralink Called “the link,” it will connect via a wireless link, the brain to the computer and the digital world. Once the connection is successful and properly established, the human mind should be able to compete in computing power using artificial intelligence (AI). Work on ”End to endIt looks very advanced, however, as shown in the video posted on Twitter by Elon Musk.

On the video, a video clip Youtube For 3 minutes 27 seconds, we can see a monkey playing Bong, With the absolute power of his mind, or rather the power of a chip implanted in his cerebral cortex. ” The monkey literally plays a remote video game using a brain chip », Will be written in the caption Elon Musk.

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In fact, it was placed on the monkey, and they were both implants on either side of its brain. On these implants, the monkey’s brain activity was recorded as it learned to play BongEspecially with the use of a joystick. So even after removing the console, the implants took hold of the computer and interacted with it. A technology that, if it becomes reliable and adaptable to humans, will have a very wide range of applications.

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