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Boeing: The 737 Max’s electrical problem is much more extensive than initially noted

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The Wall Street Journal said on Friday that the “potential electrical problem” that prompted Boeing to ask some of its customers not to use certain devices anymore was affecting parts of the cockpit more than was initially noted.

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L’avionneur américain avait demandé le 9 avril à 16 compagnies exploitant des 737 MAX de ne plus les faire voler, le temps de permettre la vérification de ce problème au niveau du système d’alimentation électrique, découvert «en cours de construction» d ‘ Machine.

This complication “comes from the use of a paint coating that can disrupt the grounding paths,” which makes it possible in an electrical circuit to avoid potential overloads when the device is not poorly insulated, according to the newspaper. An economist who quotes close sources on this.

Without confirming information from the Wall Street Journal, Boeing told AFP Friday that it is working with its customers on new instructions that will be submitted to the US aviation authority for approval.

The idea is to make sure that the floor in the cockpit of the affected aircraft is sufficient, adding the group, without giving further details.

The number of affected devices and the identity of the clients have not been determined.

The 737 Max was allowed to fly again at the end of November by US authorities after being suspended for twenty months on the ground after two fatal accidents.

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