A pan-Canada tour before the election for Justin Trudeau?

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, appears already in an electoral situation as he begins a tour this week in several regions of the country.

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Already, the leader of the Canadian Liberal Party, which has been in the minority since the October 2019 elections, is starting to make a public appearance.

On Canada Day, in particular, Mr. Trudeau went to meet Canadians on the streets of Ottawa, a gesture he hasn’t made for a long time due to the pandemic.

On Monday, Justin Trudeau visited a steel mill in Sault Ste. Mary, Ontario, where he announced a $420 million investment to modernize the company, the region’s big employer.

As evidence that the specter of an election call is floating in the air, the Prime Minister made sure to fire a few arrows at the Conservatives during his speech.

Mr Trudeau is due to visit western Canada later this week, and he will also visit other parts of the country, including Quebec, this month.

While the decision to call a federal election has yet to be officially made, Justin Trudeau increasingly looks like a politician on his campaign trail.

No governor general, no elections

No matter when Justin Trudeau chooses to call an election, he must first appoint a new governor general.

The position, which was vacated by Julie Payette after her controversial resignation last January, is being filled on a temporary basis by Canadian Chief Justice Richard Wagner.

A list of a few names was reportedly recently handed over to the prime minister, who is expected to announce his selection in the coming days or weeks.

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– Based on information from Raymond Filion, TVA Nouvelles.

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