A Quebec company is offering its employees $10,000 for a vaccination

Truck drivers, who represent the majority of the fuel carrier’s employees, are directly affected by the vaccine commitments that will take effect in the United States and Canada next January.

In order to thank its vaccinated employees and attract new employees, the fuel transportation company has decided to implement the COVID-19 Truck Driver Recognition Program.

This is a bonus of $10,000, spread over 12 months, for all fuel truck drivers who have received or will receive their first dose of Health Canada-approved COVID-19 vaccine, before January 15, 2022. For the full premium, drivers must receive two doses of the vaccine.

(Photo: fuel transfer)

The program is open to all current truck drivers who have received at least one dose, and to all truck drivers who will begin work transporting fuel before January 15, 2022 and who have received two doses.

“This reward helps encourage truck drivers to get vaccinated and also thank those who have done so,” the company said in a statement. “This is the first time a Canadian company has offered to pay a premium for a vaccine!”

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