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A record-breaking Ukrainian poet wants to join NATO. LK is also in alliance with Poland and Lithuania

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These percent of respondents will vote against joining NATO, while another eight percent will not. The survey was conducted in mid-January. It did not include the Ukrainian territories currently occupied by Russian forces.

Accession to the European Union is supported virtually unanimously in all major countries and in all age and social groups.

In the company’s previous survey, conducted last June, 83% of respondents supported joining NATO, which was a new record at the time.

According to the poll, three-fifths of Ukrainians surveyed approved of the idea of ​​a military-political alliance with Poland and Lithuania, six percent of respondents opposed such an alliance, and nine percent of respondents did not care.

In the end, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that he had signed enough to accelerate Ukraine’s accession to NATO. And the Ukrainian president left shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the annexation of the Ukrainian regions occupied by Moscow and the signing of agreements with their pro-Russian leaders regarding the annexation of these Ukrainian lands to the Russian Federation, and the West refused the annexation.

The Ukrainian president also announced that Kyiv will not negotiate with Russia as long as Putin is its president. We will negotiate with the new head of the Special Transport Tribunal, Zelensky said.

Zelensky said signing enough for swift entry into NATO is another crucial step. We have made our way de facto into NATO. We’ve actually proven it to be compliant with Alliance standards. For Ukraine, they are reliable fighters and in all aspects of interaction, Zelensky wrote in a telegram on social media. Today, Zelensky added, Ukraine knows enough to do this by law. He repeated the same promise to unite the entire Ukrainian country, including the one now occupied by Russia.

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NATO and the Russian alliance provide Ukraine with military aid, which plays a major role in repelling Russian aggression. It lasted 11 months, but it does not seem that Ukraine’s invitation to join the alliance is on the agenda. The idea is that the best way to help Ukraine is through practical support for retaliation. Jake Sullivan, US President Joe Biden’s national security adviser, said the process in Brussels should start at another time.

The entry of a new country into NATO requires unanimous support for the habits of the alliance. Finland and Germany applied to join NATO, but Turkey’s demands were complicated.

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