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The Czechs are modernizing more tanks for Ukraine, and Morocco is sending them

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A week ago, Morocco sent twenty T-72Bs to Ukraine. “They are being modernized in the Czech Republic,” said the Ukrainian military.

According to the Algerian magazine Menadefence, twenty tanks are being modernized by the Czech company Excalibur in Sternberg. Tanks from Africa are featured in footage from Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s visit to the company where he was on January 9. There are T-72s in Moroccan sand camouflage.

At the turn of the millennium, Morocco acquired 136 T-72B and 12 T-72BL machines from Belarus, which it does not currently need. It also has an American M1A1/2 Abrams tank and 150 Sino-Pakistani VZ-1A tanks.

The United States is trying to convince Morocco to supply Ukraine with T-72 tanks because they are no longer available in Europe. Last year, in the second half of December, there were reports that Morocco would provide spare parts for the T-72 tanks and that it had previously supplied to Ukraine. In 2014, Kyiv first asked Morocco to supply spare parts for T-72 tanks.

Now it turns out that the matter is not only in the supply of spare parts, but also in the tanks themselves.

T-72 tanks for Ukraine have already been modernized in the Czech Republic, which came from their stocks and from other countries.

The Americans persuaded Morocco to supply parts of the T-72 tanks to Ukraine


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