A town denied to beavers from the Internet

Private internet for an entire weekend. Traumatic though it was the experience of 900 city residents Tumbler Ridge, au CanadaA priori, nothing very unusual.

But the April 24 blackout was caused by ludicrous vandals: a bunch of beavers who gnawed at the cables. as specified West of FranceAnd the The local internet provider explains: “Our fiber optic cable beavers have corroded in several places, causing severe damage. Our team is located near the dam It seems that the rodents dug under the ground along the creek to reach Kabul, but they were buried at a depth of about a meter and protected by a channel more than a meter thick. “

it takes 36 hours Technicians to reconnect. According to the company, beavers were searching for materials to build their homes when they stumbled upon the fiber optic cable.

According to company information, the rodents were looking for materials to build their home or dam. Then a spokesperson for the Canadian company posted a photo of the dam in question, which appeared noticeably in the middle Torn cable races.

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