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A tunnel guided by intuition rather than “science” | Francois Burke | Records | the sun

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But every time, including when it was announced that it would be a tunnel, then that this tunnel would move from the city center to the city center, we were hungry for more.

Today we are talking about the shape of the tunnel, its entrances, the initial cost and the likely location of the first shovel from the ground, but there are no numbers, studies or arguments documented.

With the exception of that maybe from General Security. If something bad happens to one of the existing bridges, we’d like to have a workaround. If only for the sake of emergency vehicle rotation.

For the rest, it is not enough to emphasize that the project is necessary. You must be able to convince them with the minimum knowledge.

Day 1’s argument that a new correlation will alleviate congestion on bridges still rests on a shaky statistical basis.

The Ministry of Transport implemented its passenger passenger “models”. I promise to check these predictions as soon as I get them, but there is still an inevitable truth: the vast majority of current bridges users during the morning rush hour live in West Levis and where they live. Destination (study, work and shopping) in the western part of Quebec.

There is no point in detouring through the downtown tunnel, either by car or by public transport.

Having said that, the path from the city center to the city center clearly has a better chance of attraction than the whimsical connection to the East as was first envisioned.

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There are no figures for the number of vehicles or trucks in transit from Saguenay or Côte-Nord to Bas-Saint-Laurent. However, this argument continues to be made to justify the third link.

The government did not take into account the simulations conducted by the increase in remote work caused by the epidemic. It is betting that traffic will quickly return to its previous level and reminds us that the main trend is to increase the number of cars.

It’s reasonable, but it helps to capture that intuition with numbers.

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