Kerbal Space 2 Program Tell Us How To Create A Space Program | Xbox One

Lessons are your new best friends. This is how the developers of Intercept Games described the new functionality that they were able to put in the right place Kerbal Space 2 Program More accessible to players.

New interface and new tutorials

In a long video presentation of the game, the developers explain how they wanted to preserve everything that made the first game so successful while making it easier for ordinary people to use and understand. Building a space program to send a rocket into space doesn’t have to be easier than ever.

A new educational system has been implemented, much more visual than before. The goal is to explain the concepts of the game in a fun and entertaining way. For the record, these animated tutorials auditioned with the studio director’s daughter, who is only four years old.

Kerbal Space 2 aims to provide a fun and educational experience for everyone but it will not get easier. Getting your space program right will always require some mastery, and the developers say the best way to learn is to try and test.

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