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A very hot American variety outperforms Quebec and is called the best place in the world

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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A TikTok video showing a dazed American tourist showed many Quebecers smiling today.

Posted Tuesday at the end of the day by Tiktokeur Tweet embedwho describes himself as “the future Prime Minister of Quebec,” the nearly forty-second video sequence shows what is presented to us as an American in the process of turning his life upside down around Quebec.

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“Quebec is the best! I’m telling you! Best place I’ve visited in my life! He says excitedly that requires many exclamation points.

He then repeated his surprising statement, stating that he had visited each of the 50 US states and that Quebec was the best.

When TikTokeur asked him why he appreciated beautiful countyThe American citizen does not engage in carpet flowers and bluntly chant: “Women! Women are on my tail!”. small annoyance…

He then took off in a folk dance to the sound of Smiling Bottine, before learning the captivating expression “Tokébac icitte” we all cheerfully use.

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But actually, the short video you just watched is taken from a YouTube video called “MONTREAL AFTER MIDNIGHT Part.2” and posted by the same Mishka.

In the beginning, the creator recounts his approach: “Today, we will go to Saint-Laurent Boulevard and see how stupid people act when they consume alcohol.”

This is followed by a series of meetings with more or less drunk people and more or less interesting.

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But the American tourist easily wins the palm of the best tourist.

Must be in Tourisme Québec ads.

See also the bag of chips:

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