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A young Acadian meets his idol Conor MacDavid

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The hockey player even spent a few moments with him after training for oiled in Edmonton.

custom collector

Ricky Robeichod, 15, caught my eye Conor McDavid Thanks to his impressive deck of 500 hockey cards from his idol.

The teen started his group eight years ago, but the pandemic interruption has allowed him to focus on it more seriously, outside of school hours and part-time work. Thus, the size of its group has doubled in the last year.

Recchi Robichaud with her adorable Conor MacDavid collection.

Photo: Radio Canada / Contribution: Paula Rubishaud

Conor McDavid With Recchi Robichaud via video call last September. He invited him to come to Edmonton with his parents.

Emotional day

The teenager and his parents attended the first training session of oiled Thursday at Rogers Place Arena in Edmonton. The runway steps were almost deserted.

See McDavid over there – oh my god!

Quote from:Recchi Robichaud

Everyone knows he’s fast on skis, but when you see him in person, you realize how fast he is. And in training, we notice skill and talent [des joueurs]. It’s really coolThe teenager commented.

Meeting with the idol

immediately after that, Conor McDavid He went to join the Robichaud family at the hotel, where he autographed Recchi Robichaud’s team jersey and autographed the hockey cards and pucks the boy had brought. He also gave him one of the sticks he used during training.

The 15-minute private meeting was attended by Oilers’ PR team and security personnel.

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According to Recchi Robichaud, the conversation with his idol was completely normal, better than in September, when he was a little terrified. He’s a really cool guy, very kind, very relaxedRecchi Robichaud commented.

It was unusual. I will never forget that.

Quote from:Recchi Robichaud

The boy will remember the comment that Conor McDavid make it: If you work hard enough to get something, anything becomes possible, a phrase he intends to draw inspiration from in his life.

According to a report by Gary mor from CBC

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