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Strong exchanges in the electoral debate in Grand Rivier | Canada elections 2021

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Outgoing Liberal MP and Minister Diane Lebothelier and Guy Bernaches of the Québecwa bloc and Lisa Fong of the New Democratic Party were on standby.

Jean-Pierre Begon of the Conservative Party of Canada and Christian Rios of the People’s Party of Canada were present via videoconference.

Ms. Lebothelier has been questioned about her record on several occasions. Particularly raised was the question of the pressure she would have applied in appointing Gasby’s judge, Damien St. Aung. This is the information he disclosed Journal de Quebec, last week.

Outgoing Liberal MP and Minister Diane Lebothelier, pictured Tuesday evening during the debate.

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

The deputy and outgoing minister noted a rigorous appointment process and denied the allegations. By the way, the new judge, I don’t know him from Eve or from Adam. He’s someone I’ve never had a cup of coffee with beforeand hung.

However, the latter welcomes the arrival of this judge. I am so proud to have a judge in Gaspé, Judge Gaspé, so bravo to what happenedMs. Lebothelier added.

In addition to this question, the main topics addressed were the fisheries sector and resource conservation, economic development, tourism, and the environment, as well as regional leadership and representation.

During the evening, stormy exchanges took place, especially between the candidate of the liberal bloc and the candidate of the bloc. Diane Lebothelier and J. Bernaches are vying for a second election. The former governor won the 2019 elections with 637 votes over the mayor of Saint-Maxime-de-Mont-Louis.

Ms Lebothelier in particular listed the investments made in her leadership since the beginning of her term by the Trudeau government, before attacking her main rival.

Mr. Bernaches, you are looking for your area. You don’t want to run at the block level. This is what bothers you. Since 2015, it has been working to be in power and the region is happyShe said.

The main party then responded to this arrow thrown in its direction by asking why the Liberal government, in this case, chose to hold an election.

Criticism of the new democrat

Part of the discussion was also devoted to the presence of the new Democratic candidate, Lisa Fong. Mrs. Fong was at Gaspésie for a discussion, for the first time since the start of the campaign.

Not from the Peninsula, Lisa Fong refused to comment on many topics that she did not master. Other candidates also criticized her for her lack of knowledge of key issues in the constituency. It is disrespectful to the population, argued in particular the Quebecoa Guy Bernachee block.

New Democratic candidate Lisa Fong.

New Democratic candidate Lisa Fong.

Photo: Radio Canada/Margaret Morin

Ms. Fung did not deny her ignorance of territorial issues, but responded that her position had markedly enabled her to see the situation from a different perspective.

I’m looking at your problems and listening to them for the first time and it’s true, these are real problems you have. And I can bring them to Ottawa so they can [les parlementaires] Also understand your problems and [trouvent] concrete solutions to it.

Quote from:Lisa Fong, new Democratic candidate for Gaspésie-Les-les-de-la-Madeleine

However, Ms. Lebothelier and Mr. Bernaches wished to underscore the courage of candidate Lisa Fong to accept the invitation.

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The event was organized by Tourisme et Commerce Rocher-Percé, in collaboration with the Corporation développement économique de Grande-Rivière and Community Television of the Grande-Rivière.

With information from Margaret Moren

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