(AOF) – AB Science has announced results of a Phase 3 study to evaluate macitinib in prostate cancer. Macitinib does not have direct “tumor killer” activity but has shown to be effective in tumor proliferation in vivo, thanks to the tumor microenvironment. Based on this mechanism of action, macitinib would be expected to be more effective at an early stage of metastatic disease, rather than at a later stage.

Stefan O’Dard (MD, PhD), Professor of Oncology and Head of the Structure for Clinical Research and Translation in Oncology at Georges Pompidou Hospital in Paris, France, said: “This is the first long-term positive study in hormone therapy – resistant metastatic prostate cancer (mCRPC) In combination with docetaxel, the results showed that macitinib is active in mCRPC when administered in the early stage of the metastasis process.


Clinical trials (phases I, II, and III)

Stage 1: Testing the molecule on a small scale in humans to assess its safety, tolerability, metabolic and pharmacological properties. Phase 2: evaluation of tolerability and efficacy on several hundred patients to determine side effects. The third stage: assesses the overall benefit / risk ratio in several thousand patients.