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Nintendo Switch: The Pro version will be announced in the coming days

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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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It’s the end of May. And every year, this is usually the time that the ads are getting dropping on the video game level. After all, in a few days it will be E3, which did not happen last year. In short, we must make up for lost time! And in recent days, we’ve seen a lot of builders / studios move in to make lots of announcements about their upcoming projects.. for example Guerrilla and Sony team up on the special Horizon Forbidden West State of PlayTo be released today. Of course, this is not all. Nintendo can also release the trump card that has been in the running for a while: the Nintendo Switch Pro!

An imminent new console? – Credit (s): Nintendo

We’ve been talking about it for months, especially thanks A few Bloomberg articles that may have revealed the latest developments in this entire story. And now the site hits again: Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki says the new Nintendo Switch will replace the current model from September to October 2021.. In other words, in a few months. Inevitably, the console should be introduced very soon: according to Bloomberg, it is simply imminent. So we can expect an announcement on the Nintendo Switch Pro anytime from now on. to get information, Nintendo It will prepare to assemble its machines early in July, then production should accelerate to reach its peak during the October-December quarter. In short, there will be a lot more to do in the coming days!

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