ABB acquires a portion of the Canadian PMI

ABB Group on Wednesday announced the conclusion of a strategic partnership with Canada’s Planar Motors Incorporated (PMI). The latter includes a “large” – but undetermined – share from the first to the second.

The process allows the Zurich Group to expand its automation division (B&R) portfolio by integrating the magnetic levitation technology developed by PMI.

The Vancouver-based startup, founded in 2017, is proud to be the global leader in this technology for robot transportation systems, which ABB has already listed in its portfolio. The solution launched today, called Acopos 6D, is said to provide B&R customers with the most flexibility in manufacturing, assembly and packaging.

“This technology allows for unprecedented levels of flexibility in a wide range of areas, enabling industries such as healthcare and pharmaceuticals to benefit from our solutions,” said Sami Attia, Director of B&R Division, quoted in the document.

Acopos 6D works without any mechanical friction, thus avoiding any environmental pollution, an important advantage in light of the rapid transformation of the manufacturing sector, which is accelerated by the current epidemic, ABB confirms.


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