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According to Kaif, the Russians overran Pashmut, but the Ukrainians continued to fight

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At the direction of Bakhmut, the nobility continues its actions in an attempt to gain complete control over the city of Bakhmut. The regular review of the situation on the Ukrainian battlefield stated that the uphill battle continues.

Thus, the Rusuf continued in the streams northwest and west of Bakhmut. So try to surround the Ukrainian defenders of the city, who, according to your general, repulsed these streams.

During the day, Neptel led an incredible number of actions in the areas of the Orihovo-Vasylivka and Bohdanivka settlements. tb said.

According to him, the Russian units tried to fight on those six fronts: near the towns of Liman, Bakhmut, Avdjievka and Marginka.

The Frosian Wagner Group said Thursday that Ukrainian soldiers have not left Bakhmut and that fighting continues in the western part of the city. Prigogine revealed on social media that it should be clear that the angel is not going anywhere.

A few days ago, the Russian leader of the old town group had told her that the Russian flag was flying over the town hall, but the Ukrainian flag was in the ashes, and so was Washington.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced at the headquarters in Varav that Ukrainian soldiers would withdraw from Pakhmut if necessary to avoid encirclement. However, he did not indicate that it would be necessary.

For Eastern Ukraine Bakhmut, the Ukrainian defenders and the Russian invasion are the sounds of fighting. The ancient and Russian armies tried to take the city in half a year. The Russian forces have tried to besiege the city over the past few weeks and managed to hear several long-range offensive methods of the Ukrainian forces.

According to Agence France-Presse, Bakhmut has questionable strategic importance, but due to the long battle and heavy losses on both sides, it has acquired great symbolic importance.

Explosions were heard in Melitopol

More than 900 skirmishes took place between border guards and Russian forces, which is 11 percent more than Norway’s, Andriy Demenko, a spokesman for Ukraine’s border service, reported on Thursday. In addition to the loss of life, Ukrainian border guards have become victims of more than 1,800 Russian servicemen, Deminka was quoted by Ukrinform.

In the past 24 hours, five people died and nine others were injured on Russian roads in the Donetsk region at the entrance to Ukraine, said the regional news agency Pavlo Kirilenko. Two women are buried near the shelter village of Drukivka, outside Kramatorsk, two men in Bakhmut and a fisherman in the village of Serhizhevka.

Early this morning, explosions were heard in Russian-occupied Melitopol in the Zborosk district. Exil Mayor Ivan Fedorov reported this on Telegram. It was not clear what exactly happened in the city. Similar explosions have also been recorded in the past few days.

On Monday, a car exploded in the center of Melitopol of the people who occupied there initially. Maxim Zubarev was injured in the blast and died in critical condition in hospital. Melitopol, the second largest city in the Zborosk region, with a population of about 150,000, has been occupied since the beginning of the Polish occupation.

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