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Nickel in the air: Mayor Marchand avoids criticism

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The mayor announced his intention this weekend to take a stand on February 7, during a full committee session. In the meantime, he wants to collect as many expert opinions as possible.

To take a stand, we don’t have to wait for the plenary. Each party can position itself as well. We think it’s an excellent way of doing things, for both our citizens and our elected officials, to put the actors who know the issue from different angles and for our elected officials to be able to question them, to be able to address the different issues., he is referring to.

« For me, this is an unusual way to elevate the debate. »

Quote from Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Quebec

On December 22, Legault’s government announced its intention to adopt a regulation aimed at increasing the daily limit of permissible emissions of nickel particles into ambient air by fivefold.

Immediately, a crowd of citizens was organized to oppose such a measure in Limoelo, one of the provinces of Quebec where the nickel concentration would already be seven times higher than the Canadian average.

general advice

The government gives 60 days, until February 20, for interested individuals and organizations to submit their summary as part of a public consultation. Therefore, February 7th is very close to the deadline, thinks Mary Helen Dechaise of the East Coast Nationals schedule.

We believe that if this was done on February 7, Quebec City would have less time to prepare and present a consistent report, so we will continue to remind the mayor and his team that he must act and meet his responsibilities.She regrets.

The opposition supports the mobilization

The opposition of the city council, for its part, supports the mobilization of citizens.

There’s no reason to delay locating Quebec City, it’s time to act. Bruno Marchand’s willful blindness and lack of leadership in the nickel file is unfortunateJackie Smith, President of Transition Québec and Limoilou Municipal Councillor.

The leader of the opposition, Claude Villeneuve, is asking the mayor of Quebec to take a quick decision on the matter.

With information from Cassandra Nadeau Lamarche

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