Friday, May 24, 2024

Adeeb Al Khalidi Series Project was selected by the ENH-Netflix Fund

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This money will allow the authors, in partnership with the production house they collaborate with, to finalize their feature project so that they can present it to the broadcaster.

Linked to Micro_scope, Adeeb Al-Khalidi wants to create a series of 12 30-minute episodes titled Orphans. It tells the story of three people in their 30s – Taslim, Aya, and Saad – whose father just passed away. The siblings come together to try to honor the last desires of this compulsive gambler father, whom she has distanced from, and to settle her debts.

Another idea chosen: the idea of ​​author, illustrator and cartoonist Marie Helene Racine Lacroix. In a duet with Trio Orange, she aims to tell the story of a 17-year-old woman who lives a flat life in the basement of her haunted parents, in a series of 13 episodes. A fan of the 1990s Battle of Quebec movie, she learned that she is the reincarnation of her idol, Dany Danger, which is also the title of the series. And she finds herself investigating the latter’s death, which may not be accidental.

In partnership with Urbania, author Philippe Gendron aims to blend humor and hip-hop Djoku. An 8-part series about a man who wants to become a rapper and tries to regain the glory that Corrias had stolen from him.

As for author and actress Marie Yves Larivier, her serial project – The asexual life of Agathe G. Fears of Agath Gilbolt, a young single teacher with old maid habits. When her entire school knows she’s a virgin, she goes into some soul-searching to find out what’s stopping her when it comes to romantic relationships.

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Finally, the ENH-Netflix Fund has also selected a film project by author and actress Gabrielle Côté: Anger. This comedy will tell the story of a team of simultaneous skaters who were accidentally entered into the competitive Derby League. Goodbye glamor and hello to snowboarding! They will play under the protection of the former 80th Roller Derby champion. Also read:

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