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Africa is no longer France’s backyard. Macron wants to reduce the number of soldiers

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Macron’s announcement came during a speech at the Elysee Palace ahead of his trip to Central Africa on Wednesday. The Associated Press reported. He is scheduled to visit Gabon, Angola, the Republic of the Congo and the Congo.

In a speech, Macron called for the start of a “new era”. According to him, France should give up interfering in those parts of Africa that it once ruled as a colonial power. He declared that Africa was no longer France’s “backyard”.

There is another way. “To reach African countries as partners with whom we share interests.” He also posted his speech on Twitter.

At the same time, Macron promised to reduce the number of French soldiers on the continent, but this, according to him, does not mean the closure of French military bases. She is said to be transforming to suit the needs of African partners.

“Our model should no longer be military bases like the ones we have now,” he said. The French military presence can be seen in schools or academies to be run jointly by French and African staff. “And I say this very clearly: France’s role is not to solve all the problems in Africa,” he added.

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