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After the MacBook Pro, it’s the MacBook Air’s turn?

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The history of the current MacBook Air dates back to the end of last year. During its latest update, Apple equipped it with an Apple silicon M1 chip. A new version of the device is not expected to be announced tonight. To renew, it would be better to wait until next year. What if the rumors? urgent In the final days around the arrival of the notch on today’s MacBook Pro, they also haven’t ruled out adding this novelty to the upcoming 2022 MacBook Air.

The information comes from a particular Ty98 on the Chinese V2EX forum. The latter announces that the next MacBook Air should be Incorporating a degree, just like the new MacBook Pro expected this week. The appearance of the notch that the Air model will be part of a change in the design of the more general case with thinner screen bezels, but also new options for finishes. We’re also obviously expecting a new silicon chip from Apple, probably already revealed this evening, as well as a new small LED display, also likely to be discovered today during the keynote starting at 7pm.

Sure, this potential degree on the MacBook has caused a lot of ink to flow in the last hours.

To see what it might look like, if that happens, you’ll have to follow the conference. For this, we have set up a live script trace, to find there.

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