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Alder Lake-S, Intel wants to disable AVX-512 support

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Intel Alder Lake-S . processor

Intel Alder Lake-S . processor

Intel has reportedly decided to disable support for AVX-512 instructions set by its 12th-generation “Alder Lake” core processors. This change is expected to occur through a firmware update.

according to Transfer 12 Intel Core processory The generation will not be able to support the AVX-512 instruction set. The change will be made using Firmware Update / ME.

Alder Lake-S and AVX-512

Intel Core 9-12900K processor

Since the official launch of Alder Lake, Intel has not made any specific publicity about the AVX-512. However, this set of instructions has been rolled out for other generations of chips. We can cite Rocket Lake (11y base generation) or HEDT Cacade Lake-X (10 .) solutionsy base generation). It looks like AVX-512 support will be an argument for the next generation of HEDT offerings from Sapphire Rapids Engineering.

The firmware version (ME) that Intel offers to OEMs and motherboard builders with the Alder Lake-S 65W and Alder Lake-P (mobile) processor version removes this support from the AVX-512. There are many reasons for this. The main one will be linked to energy efficiency and the second to a clearer segmentation of Mainstream, HEDT, HPC and cloud computing offerings.

Alder Lake-S Intel Corporation Healer

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